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Organoids On a Chip (OOC) FOCUS incentive Program, CEA, Fr

PhD fellowship program : 10 thesis positions for the 2021 campaign

Under the impetus of Patrick Landais, the High Commissioner of the CEA Research Institute in France, the FOCUS incentive program has selected the Organoids On a Chip (OOC) project to support interdisciplinary synergies between technological sciences and life sciences within the CEA. The objective is to promote the emergence of breakthrough ideas, concepts or technologies in the biomedical field.

The FOCUS OOC incentive program will focus on supporting the CEA’s ambitions in the strategic area of Medicine of the Future, with the aim of moving towards precision, predictive, preventive and personalized medicine (4P). In this respect, this FOCUS program, with a long-term upstream research objective, will complement the resourcing mechanisms at the service of the CEA’s positive inflection on medical devices. The vocation of the FOCUS OSP project is therefore to support coordinated research actions with a strong innovative character aiming at applications in biology or health within a ten-year time frame, in a strongly transversal and multidisciplinary approach. The project will benefit from resources to finance about ten thesis subjects for the 2021 campaign – possibly supplemented by a few additional subjects in 2022; these theses will be organized as a network, drawing on the resources and skills of all the CEA’s operational departments to promote synergy between researchers from different disciplines. Like the other FOCUS programs, the FOCUS OSP project will benefit from incentives allocated by the PTC/PE to ensure the coordination and animation of the FOCUS (recruitment of post-doctoral fellows, financing of structuring equipment, organization of workshops, etc.).

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