GDR Micro Nano Fluidique

Mois : octobre 2015

These tools combine microscaled top-down architectures and bottom-up self-assemblies to make it possible the precise printing of advanced materials starting from dilute complex fluids, an issue of prime importance within the LabEx Amadeus. (….

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The aim of the research is to study the response to ultrafast deformation (103 -106 Hz) of 2D suspensions and gels using mesoscale simulations, for direct comparison with measurements performed in our laboratory. The successful candidate will be embedded in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment, working side-by-side with experimentalists in the laboratory led by Dr Valeria Garbin, and in collaboration with Prof Alberto Striolo (University College London) and Dr Lorenzo Botto (Queen Mary University of London).


More information : Postdoc in Computational Soft Matter – Garbin lab

This project is a collaborative project between our laboratory TIPs in Brussels, the COS laboratory in Namur and the Solvay company. We are today at the stage of integrating in a microfluidic device a microabsorber, a microreactor and a microseparator for the continuous production of H2O2….

More information : Postdoc position ULB-TIPs_MICROECO_en_2015

Olivier Français (Satie, ENS Cachan), Bernard Journet (LPQM, ENS Cachan) Filipa Lopes (LGPM, CentraleSupelec), Emile Martincic (IEF, Univ. Paris Sud)

Dans ce contexte, la spectroscopie diélectrique par réflectométrie fréquentielle est un procédé connu qui permet la caractérisation de milieux inhomogènes et/ou poreux. Il s’agit ici d’adapter ce principe de mesure à la caractérisation diélectrique de milieux biologiques en miniaturisant l’instrumentation et en l’intégrant, par l’utilisation des procédés de micro/nanotechnologies, au sein d’une puce microfluidique…

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