GDR Micro Nano Fluidique

Mois : décembre 2016

The School of Electrical Engineering conducts research and education in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Information and Communications Technology, Space, Fusion and Plasma Physics. The field of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at KTH is ranked #17 in the world by QS during 2016 (#16 during 2015). 450 people work in this creative and dynamic environment, out of which half are Ph.D. students, many from other countries.

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Even under medium amplitude acoustic driving, nonlinear effects appear around vibrating bubbles, generating strong steady flows called acoustic streaming. We propose to use these flows in order to achieve propulsion of small scale, and to generate a new class of micro-swimmers. Their application is to behave as carriers, such as drug carriers, activated at a distance, or to be active tracers that enhance mixing.

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Funded by Région Picardie, the FORPLAQ project aims at invesBgaBng the biomechanics of platelet formaBon. Using microfluidic devices we can submit MK to various flow condiBons and observe how they engage towards platelet release. We also seek to develop biomechanical markers of MK maturaBon…

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End-stage lung diseases may result in death either by oxygenation and carbon dioxide exchange insufficiency or by right heart failure. Despite recent dramatic improvements in the medical management of these diseases, lung transplantation remains ultimately the only therapeutic option. However, shortage of donor organs and long waiting times on list make this treatment only available for few patients.

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