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15 mars 2018 – 16 mars 2018

MicroNanoFluidics 2018

MicroNanofluidics 2018 is a two-days meeting sponsored by the GDR MicroNanofluidics aiming at gathering researchers who use and develop microfluidics and nanofluidics in various fields: physics, chemical engineering, life science, material science … It will consist of plenary sessions with invited and selected oral presentations. There will also be a poster session and time outside the formal sessions for participants to meet in a convivial atmosphere.


Prof. Roberto Di Leonardo (Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Università di Roma)
The Physics and Engineering of Active Matter

Prof. Anne Juel (Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and School of Physics & Astronomy,  University  of Manchester, UK)
Fluid deposition and spreading on topography

Prof. Séverine Le Gac (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands)
From microfluidic technology to organ-on-a-chip platfroms: new opportunities to develop physiologically relevant in vitro models 


Laurent Davoust
Yves Fouillet
Salima Rafaï
Gwennou Coupier
Elise Lorenceau
Philippe Marmottant
Frédéric Ayela
Clément De Loubens
Hugues Bodiguel


Philppe Marmottant (LIPhy, Grenoble) and Hugues Bodiguel (LRP, Grenoble)


23 juin 2016 – 24 juin 2016

GDR Micro et NanoFluidique 2016

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the GDR Micro et Nano Fluidique will take place in Paris (at IPGG) the 23-24th of June 2016.

Free (but mandatory) registration

Join us for a two-days event on micro-nano systems and micro-nano fluidics. The event will be composed of a mix of invited talks and a large number of contributed talks and posters.

Abstract submission deadline : 8 May 2016

Come meet your colleagues from around France and Europe, and share the banquet with us on the 23rd evening.


Plenary speakers (confirmed) :

Jan Eijkel (U. Twente, Netherlands)
John McKinney (EPFL, Switzerland)

A poster session is included in the program to favor exchanges between scientists of the field.



24 mars 2016 – 24 mars 2016

SymiBio Workshop

Synergy Microfluidics & Biology

The objective of SYMiBio is to promote scientific exchanges and stimulate interactions between biologists and people of the microfluidics community. This workshop has been initiated by the « Mission pour l’interdisciplinarité du CNRS » and supported by CelTisPhyBio and IPGG Labex, PSL* and the GDR Microfluidique.

SYMiBio is opened to PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and senior scientists.
The program contains a selection of presentations on a wide range biological systems, organized around three pillars illustrating the Microfluidics/Biology synergy : Decipher / Control / Analyze.

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06 juillet 2015 – 06 juillet 2015

Blood : Current challenges and micro-nano solutions

SEMINAR Monday, July 6th 2015 08:45 am – Centre de Recherche – Paris

The Observatory for Micro and Nanotechnologies (OMNT) and the Institut Curie are organizing a one-day meeting on «Blood: current challenges and micro-nano solutions», in Paris, the 6th of July 2015. The main objective of this meeting is to gather scientists, clinicians, students along with companies who share the need to better understand this matter which, beyond of an ongoing scientific challenge, deeply impacts on today’s society. It will start with the presentation of the director of the French blood agency (EFS), Pierre Tiberghien (see the provisional program below), who will give an overview of the EFS needs and issues, and will be followed by more specific state-of-art of today’s technologies, presented by well-known experts in the field.

Comité scientifique

•Dr. Jean-Louis Viovy : Institut Curie, Paris

•Dr. Stéphanie Descroix : Institut Curie, Paris

•Dr. Laurent Malaquin : Institut Curie, Paris

•Dr. Thomas Berthelot : CEA, – Iramis, Saclay

•Dr. Nicolas Verplanck : CEA – Leti, Grenoble

•Dr. Jean Berthier : CEA – Leti, Grenoble

•Dr. Wilfrid Boireau : CNRS – FEMTO-ST, Besançon

•Dr. Pascal Morel : French Blood Agency (EFS), Franche-Comté


Flyers : Annonce_Sem-blood_2015_04_10


21 juin 2015 – 26 juin 2015

Microfluidics 2015

La quatrième école organisée par le GDR Micro et Nanofluidique en collaboration avec l’Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes, l’Institut d’Electronique, de microélectronique et de Nanotechnologies (UMR 8520), les entreprises Fluigent, Elveflow et Chipshop s’est déroulée du 21 au 26 juin 2015 au centre IGESA de Porquerolles. Cette édition a réuni 70 personnes autour d’une dizaine d’orateurs experts qui ont présenté les dernières avancées scientifiques de ce domaine ainsi que les applications qui sortent actuellement des laboratoires. Cette école était labellisé par le CNRS. Rendez-vous dans deux ans pour la 5ème édition!

Contact: Vincent Senez (

Flyers de l’événement : 4781_Flyer_microfluidics_2015

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