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Mois : septembre 2018

More information : Postdoc_Microfluidics.pdf

A major challenge in cancer research is the complexity of the tumor microenvironment which includes the host immune cells. Inspired by the emerging technology of organ-on-chip, we achieved 3D cocultures in microfluidic devices (integrating four cell populations: cancer, immune, endothelial and fibroblast) to reconstitute and visualize ex vivo human tumor ecosystems. These tumors-on-chip are powerful novel platforms to study ex vivo immunocompetent tumor microenvironments, to characterize ecosystem-level drug responses, and to dissect the roles of stromal components.

More information : Post-doc-position-at-Institut-Curie_Paris-vf.pdf

The two main objectives of this post-doc stay are:
1. Work in the design and characterization of a state-of-the-art microfluidic platform enabling a full control of both the mechanical and the chemical.
2. Investigate the role of mechanical stress, coupled to chemical signaling, in promoting the epithelialto-mesenchymal transition.

More information : PDoc-cancer-mecha.pdf

We are seeking for a highly motivated research scientist with experience in antibody discovery to join a project already developed by 3 labs, the Antibody engineering platform, the Unit of Antibodies in Therapy and Pathology (both Institut Pasteur, Paris) and the Immunovirology lab (Institut Pasteur, Montevideo). The candidate will work at the Antibody engineering platform in collaboration with the 2 other labs.

More information : CDD-microfluidique-Pasteur-04102018.pdf

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