GDR Micro Nano Fluidique

Mois : octobre 2020

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ANR OsmoChip: Probing complex fluid transport properties
by osmotic micro-fluidic measurements
Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (LGC – UMR 5503 – CNRS-INPT-UT3) Toulouse

A post-doctoral fellowship for 2 years is available in the laboratory of Marc Delarue in Institut Pasteur in Paris.

The subject will be the directed evolution of a DNA and RNA polymerases for acquiring new substrate specificity

and will require microfluidics techniques. The laboratory has a strong expertise in DNA and RNA polymerase

structure and function and the candidate will have access to and advice from the Platform of Microfluidics in Pasteur.

Contact: marc.delarue at

Étude en temps réel de la libération du HIV-1 à l’échelle de la cellule unique par la microfluidique

Set up of droplet-based microfluidic system for use in the repertoire mining of cognate paired antibodies