GDR Micro Nano Fluidique

Mois : juin 2016

A major challenge in cell biology is the development of technologies that allow the quantitative monitoring of cellular responses with a high resolution over a wide range of time scales. To dynamically image cellular events in vivo, it is essential to maintain the sample alive in non-stressful conditions under the microscope. Microfluidic chips allow living organisms or cells to be grown in micro-chambers on a microscope stage, under perfusion with a desired medium.

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Le travail, essentiellement expérimental, consiste à concevoir et fabriquer des prototypes, des bancs de tests, des expériences. Le but est d’améliorer la technologie et de l’amener au niveau industriel. Des équipements de test sont développés en fonction du besoin.

Plus d’informations : Proposition_Jeune_Docteur_Physique_Laclarée

This detection requires a very high sensitivity and selectivity of the sensor. The biofunctionalization drives the selectivity and leads to the adsorption of the molecules from interest. The reliability of the detection and quantification device needs multiple and simultaneous measurements. This implies to have an array of sensors for each device.

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The wetting properties of the aqueous solutions used for these processes have to be characterized, as regard with the structures nominal dimensions (from 50nm for Contacts Holes up to 10µm for “Thru Silicon Vias” (TSV) used in 3D Hybrid bonding approaches), structure geometry (holes or trenches arrays), material surface energy before / after wet process (hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces), liquid surface tension and viscosity, dynamic aspects of the wet clean process (liquid flow, wafer rotation speed, …).

More information : MAMINA BioMEMS ST acoustic wetting charac 2016

You will be also welcome to participate to the R&D activities to develop the next brands and outside of those tasks, since we remain a small and moving company your job can spread out of this scope depending of needs and opportunities, such as supervision of European R&D project, finance, strategic discussion around a beer…

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