GDR Micro Nano Fluidique

Mois : août 2016

Cependant, les mousses alimentaires sont principalement élaborées à partir de procédés discontinus basés une agitation mécanique et dont l’efficacité énergétique est discutable. D’un point de vue fondamental, ces procédés ne permettent pas de contrôler le taux d’incorporation de la phase gazeuse, ni la taille et la répartition de taille des bulles formées dans le produit. Ceci implique que les réglages du procédé sont basés sur des considérations empiriques. Ce projet a pour objectif d’améliorer des procédés fonctionnant en mode continu en développant des outils plus polyvalents,
facilement contrôlables et plus efficaces.

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This project sits at the junction between microfabrication and biology.

On the biology side, we wish to investigate the role played by the circadian clock in muscle regeneration. Circadian rhythm are known to play a significant part in several key aspects of our physiology by optimizing our metabolism to the various task it must typically accomplish at specific times of the day. The disturbances induced by our lifestyles on this clock have been shown to produce a wide range of diseases. This project will investigate the interplay between the metabolism of specific muscle cell lines and a key component of our circadian clock: Rev-erbα In particular, we will try to address the question: does the time of injury or the time of stem cell injection plays a part in the subsequent healing process?

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Le projet de thèse s’inscrit dans cette dynamique et principalement dans la thématique développée en partenariat avec l’équipe de Véronique Maguer Satta du CRCL (INSERM-CNRS-UCB Lyon 1) sur le rôle des contraintes mécaniques sur le comportement des cellules souches cancéreuses (CSC), partenariat soutenu par La Ligue Contre le cancer.

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In Grenoble, SYMMES benefits from an extremely rich scientific environment:

 Inac, a basic science oriented research Institute, hosts 5 laboratories, including SYMMES. With 480 researchers, PhDs and postdoctoral fellows and technicians. Inac offers 1 st class – owned or shared – facilities to support research programmes, including facilities for advanced characterization, bio-inspired technologies, and clean rooms…

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Mobidiag is able to address both high volume and on-demand testing with:
– The Amplidiag® product line, innovative multiplex tests for gastrointestinal infections. Based on well-established real-time PCR technology, they ensure optimal performance, suitability for high-volume screening use and cost-effectiveness in midsized to large laboratory settings. The new Amplidiag Easy® platform brings the Amplidiag suite further by automating the workflow from sample to results.
– The Novodiag® product line (upcoming) whith an automated ‘Sample-in, result-out’ diagnostics system enabling syndromic testing from a single sample which allows Random access operation for on-demand testing.


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