The Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures (LPN) is working on an apparatus to measure rate constants of reactions involving biomolecules. A periodic thermal excitation drives the chemical system out-of-equilibrium and kinetic data are extracted from the associated fluorescence response collected in the frequency domain. The technique has been validated relying on oligonucleotides as model reagents and we now aim at proving that its use can be extended to proteins. Three kinds of reactions will be studied: folding, ligand binding, and dimer formation. These demonstration experiments will allow us to advertize our approach to a larger audience and thus they will ease our efforts to develop a commercial product. The present one year project will be realized in the context of a collaboration between the LPN and the Biophysical Chemistry group at the Chemistry Department of the Ecole Normale Supérieure. According to the schedule, some measurements will also be performed on the Disco beamline of the Soleil synchrotron.

Required qualifications:

• PhD in biophysics or biology-related sciences (cell biology, molecular biology) – an equivalent research experience is also acceptable

• Knowledge of thermodynamics and kinetics • Experience in protein expression and purification

• Experience in absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy

• Excellent organization and communication skills

• Ability to collaborate with different teams


Preferable qualifications:

• Experience in fluorescence microscopy

• Experience with fluorescent proteins

• Experience in interfacing and instrumentation

• Background in protein folding, protein-protein interactions


Interested applicants should submit:

• a CV

• some selected publications

• a brief cover letter explaining research experience and interests, as well as career plans

• contact information for three references


Contact : Deadline for applications is April 20th 2015.