Department of Physics & Astronomy “Galileo Galilei” University of Padova (Italy)

Complex fuids fowing under confnement

T h e Surfaces & Interfaces L a b (LaFSI) at the Physics Department of the University of Padova (Italy) announces the opening of an experimental postdoctoral position. The local research activities will be supervised by Dr. M. Pierno and the research project embeds in the framework of the Ideas Starting grant DROEMU (Droplets & Emulsions: Dynamics & Rheology, c.n. 279004). Besides Dr. Pierno, other team members include Prof. G. Mistura (Padua, Italy), Profs. M. Sbragaglia and L. Biferale (Rome, Italy), plus a ten of Post-Docs and PhD students working either in Rome or in Padova. Project: The research activity will experimentally explore the fowing properties of droplets & emulsions confned in microfuidic devices, by means of image based techniques (micro-PIV, image- & specklevelocimetry, etc.). Research topics will focus on droplets dynamics and their collective behaviour. We will address a series of frontier questions related to the manipulation and control of single droplet motion in micro- and nano-channels (e.g. stability & break-up in confned channels) and also focusing on the rheological properties of confned emulsions, to quantify the impact of confnement and boundary conditions on the fow properties and the relationship connecting the shear and stress. Presently the micro-fabrication and fow-imaging facilities are operational both for single (micro)droplets and microfuidic rheology. Throughout all the Research Project the experimental investigation will be accompanied by continuos comparisons with theory and numerical simulations performed in close collaboration with the group of Physics of Complex Fluids at the University of Rome led by Prof. M. Sbragaglia. Position: The position will be activated within June 2015 for 18 months. It is meant for full-time research activity with no teaching load. The gross salary is around 2800 Euros per month. Skills: Experimental skills on microfuidics & microfabrication, optical microscopy and rheology are welcome. Preference will be given to applicants trained in soft-matter, with strong motivations and creativity. A PhD on scientifc disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, etc. ) is required. A previous Postdoc experience, even short, is recommended. Interested candidates are pleased to send their CV to


Dr. Matteo Pierno – Department of Physics & Astronomy “Galieo Galilei” Via F. Marzolo 8 – 35131 Padova (PD) Italy