Reference: ABG-60944
Offer type: job

Contract: Contract/Project
Salary range: ≥ 25,000 and < 35,000€ annual gross
Employer: LIMMS/CNRS-University of Tokyo – Institute of Industrial Science
Workplace: Tokyo – JAPAN
Skill area: Biology, Medicine, Health – Biomolecules, pharmacology, therapeutics – Biology, Medicine, Health
Métier : Research and development
Posting date: 2/6/2015
Application deadline: 2/28/2015
The Laboratory for Integrated Micro Mechatronic Systems (LIMMS) is a joint laboratory between the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), the University of Tokyo. It was founded in 1995 to conduct international cooperative research projects in the field of micro-nanomechatronics and was upgraded to UMI (Unité Mixte Internationale) of CNRS as well as an international collaborative research center of IIS. LIMMS has 20 years of experience in international cooperative research and has welcomed more than 150 researchers from France.More information on


2-years position starting in October 2015
Principal investigator at the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), the University of Tokyo is interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities of Microfluidics in its application to cell/tissue engineering, especially for the cancer including metastasis, angiogenesis , et al. In the experience in microfluidic cell-culture devices they confirmed the potential benefit of microfluidic environment to cell/tissue culture for analytical purposes that could become one of the alternatives to animal testing. They also have developed a couple of key technologies such as, biomaterial science, microtissue units, etc. A new comer to this project is expected to extend this work to advanced microfluidic techniques for cancer cell research. The research from the aspect of mathematical and biophysical/mechanics research fields will be also recommended. The laboratory is well equipped with the apparatus for mammalian cell culture and analysis as well as the full-set of PDMS-based softlithography processes. The project will be in the SMMiL-E initiative framework aiming to promote the fusion between BioMEMS technology of IIS and the structured research against Cancer carried out in SIRIC ONCO-Lille, in France. The research will be done in Japan with close relationship with biology lab and clinician teams in Lille (Centre Oscar Lambret, Lille Biology Institute, U908 INSERM ).

Candidates profile:

Candidates are expected to be skillful in cell culture and biological analysis, and have much interest in microfluidics as well as device fabrication. A challenging sprit would help a lot for tackling into this interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research area.

Please send to limmsadm (at)
with email subject : « LIMMS_PD_2015-2-YOURNAME »
– Your CV (including education & professional history, publication list, reference(s) and photo)
– Letter of Motivation to LIMMS, and the Statement of Purposes (your future plan).
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