We are seeking an outstanding and talented scientist with expert experience in single-cell droplet microfluidics to join the recently created Enabling Technologies team of the Sanofi Biologics Research platform for the discovery and screening of therapeutic antibodies.

The candidate will have the exciting responsibility of establishing a high-throughput microdroplet-based antibody discovery platform to accelerate the discovery and development of novel Biologics drugs. She/he will use her/his experience to build a collaborative network allowing the platform to remain at the cutting edge of the technology. She/he will be responsible for developing new bioassays for miniaturization.

The candidate shall be intrinsically motivated, proactive, with a passion for technology development and innovation. She/he will be a great team player and well organized leader, and work effectively in a cross-functional department.

More information : 09.2018-CDI-in-microfluidics-Sanofi.pdf