Dear colleagues,

As you probably know, the 25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM2020) will be held in Milan, Italy, August 23-28, 2020.

We have been asked to co-chair the Thematic Session on Smart Actuating Systems – FS07. This title encompasses a wide variety of disciplinary fields whose link is to take advantage of a mechanism (mechanical, biological, physicochemical …) for smart actuation; that it is done in a natural environment or in the laboratory. The keywords are: bio-inspired actuation, soft-matter based actuation, microfluidic-based actuation, smart interfaces, soft robotics, 4-D printing, smart materials, advanced manufacturing, smart micro/nano-system…

It is thus our pleasant duty to encourage acknowledged experts in this field to contribute to the Congress. Accordingly, we write to encourage you to submit a paper, to be presented in either a Lecture Session (occupying a 20-minute slot, including discussion) or a Short Talk with Poster Session (a 5- minute presentation slot plus the opportunity to display a poster). Your submission, prepared according to the instructions given on the website should reach the Congress Office no later than 10 January, 2020.

We very much hope that you will indeed submit a paper to the Congress, so that the Thematic Session on FS07 – Smart Actuating Systems – can truly represent the state of the art in this field.

Yours sincerely

Thematic Session Co-chairs Marie-Caroline Jullien
Huiling Duan —
Marie-Caroline Jullien                        
Institut de Physique de Rennes
Bât 11A
Campus de Beaulieu
263 avenue du Général Leclerc
35042 Rennes CEDEX

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