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Call for Post Doctoral applicant

Déposé le : 06/12/2018

Development of bioprinting technologies for 3D cell culture microenvironments


Context and Objectives
Novel strategies based on bio-printing technologies appear as a new paradigm for the engineering  of 3D cell culture microenvironments. Proposed approaches allow either the fabrication of artificial scaffolds acting as a mechanical support for soft tissues or either the direct printing of cells seeded  within an extracellular matrix. Nevertheless, the integration of specific cells and biomaterials within  a realistic spatial distribution of topographical and mechanical biomimetic landscape is still a major challenge.

More information : Post-Doc-LAAS.pdf

Sujet de thèse à pourvoir en optofluidique au CEA Marcoule

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L’objectif principal de ce travail de thèse est la conception et le développement d’un ensemble d’outils microfluidiques permettant la détection/caractérisation de particules en suspension. En effet, pour des raisons aussi bien scientifiques (étude à petite échelle, maitrise des phénomènes, etc.) que de minimisation des coûts, des risques et des déchets, les études de dissolution et de précipitation sont de plus en plus fréquemment réalisés par les équipes du CEA sur des dispositifs milli/microfluidiques.

Plus d’informations : Sujet-détaillé_-SL-DEN-19-0031.pdf

Post-Doctoral position offer – Labex MEC “Mechanics And Complexity”

Déposé le : 04/12/2018

Title: Flows of gas mixtures in micro-nano porous media


The objective of this post doctorate is to broaden the research theme recently started. This topic concerns the experimental study of the flow of gaseous mixtures in micro-nano porous systems. First step is the development of an experimental methodology for characterizing the flow of gas mixtures through such a system and then the experimental study of these flows on a large variability of operating parameters. In a second step, is the development of the mathematical models for the simulations of the gas mixtures flows at micro scales. These models will be based on the real geometry resulting from tomography of micro and nanoporous media.

More information : AppelCandidaturePostDoc_2018_eng_new.pdf

faculty position at Polytechnique Montreal

Déposé le : 26/11/2018

The candidate will be an expert in theoretical and technological tools associated with biomedical science with an emphasis on emerging fields coherent with the development in the department of a critical mass of high level in the field. More specifically, but without exclusion, applications can include:


The successful candidate will be expected to carry out the basic duties of this position with a dynamic and creative approach. In particular,
he/she will:
– take part in teaching and in laboratory activities for undergraduate and graduate courses in electrical
– engineering;
– supervise and lead graduate students;
– initiate and carry out leading-edge research projects;
– collaborate with research teams within Polytechnique Montreal and other institutions, notably TransMedTech Institute;
develop and maintain collaborations with industry.

More information : Position_Professor_GE_PolyMTL.pdf

Offre post doc THALES MMN

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Today, there is an interest for increasing the capacities of vision of pilots, drivers or astronauts, and there is an effort to invent new miniaturized active optical elements that could be placed, for instance, in the helmet. The idea here is to realize a small optical element, working in transmission, with a focal length that could be controlled externally. We will start with a PDMS microfluidic chamber, filled with a matching index fluid, whose upper part is a thin wall, that can be deflected by changing the pressure. By controlling the curvature of the thin wall, we control the focal length of the element. The next step will be the realization of an array of such elements.


The objective is thus, in the first 12 months period, to investigate the capabilities of such an approach, and eventually obtain a proof of concept based on a simple device. The work is based on a close collaboration between Thales and MMN. The work will be carried out mainly in MMN/IPGG, taking advantage of the facilities and known-how developed locally. Optical calculations will be carried out with the Thales Research and Technology team.

Highly motivated candidates are encouraged from the present to send an application including a CV and a letter of motivation. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.