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poste d’ATER ENS Paris Saclay / deadline 19 juin

Déposé le : 12/06/2017

Profil enseignement: électronique et interface électronique/bio.
Coté recherche: ouvert, intégration possible pour un spécialiste des biomicrosystèmes microfluidiques


PhD offer à Bordeaux

Déposé le : 01/06/2017

PhD subject (Funding Granted by the University of Bordeaux)
TrypanoFluidics: Variability of enzymatic response in population of Trypanosomes


Trypanosomes are parasites infecting mammals with severe therapeutic and economic consequences in African countries. While it is known that during trypanosome infection sudden changes of membrane proteins are responsible for the adaptation of the parasite to the immune system response, very little is known on the variability in trypanosome activity in the blood. One of the mechanism of action of the trypanosome is mediated by the release of Phospholipase in the blood stream causing damages to the red blood cell. We want to provide quantitative measurements of the activity of trypanosomes at the single cell level for a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the disease.

more information : PhDoffer

post-doc position: Biomedical technologies for tumor profiling

Déposé le : 28/05/2017

IBM Research - Zurich
molecular biology | sequencing | immunoassays | cell handling | tumor biology | microfluidics


About the position A postdoctoral position is available for our activities on biomedical technologies at the Research Laboratory of IBM in Zurich. These activities aim at applying IBM’s expertise in microtechnology and microfluidics towards the development of next generation bioanalytical tools in the context of personalized tumor profiling. This multidisciplinary research is problem-oriented and is pursued in collaboration with a world leading partner on tumor profiling. In this position, research will focus on applying IBM’s microfluidic probe (MFP) technology to profiling tumors locally. MFP is a non-contact, scanning microfluidic device that can pattern surfaces with proteins in an additive and subtractive manner, form gradients of proteins on surfaces and interacts with cells and tissue sections. Part of this work is within the framework of a European Union project (BioProbe,

More information : Post-doc – IBM Zurich – 2017

PhD – Microsystem to analyze and isolate small population of Leukemia cells with physical phenotype

Déposé le : 03/05/2017

Acute myeloid leukemia is a highly heterogeneous disease. Our consortium already demonstrated that persistent leukemia cells are few, sometimes less than few hundreds.


These cells are (i) the causative agents of late relapse, (ii) refractory to treatments and (iii) leading to relapsing patients poor survival. Deep sequencing by NGS allows identification of these residual cells but their detection is still technically challenging due to lack of phenotypic markers. There is a critical need to find new ways to detect and purify them to anticipate relapse.

More information : PhD_topics_SMMiL-E

PhD – Biocapteur multi-échelles pour l’immunologie / CEA Grenoble

Déposé le : 03/03/2017

Biotechnologies, Nanobiologie / Sciences du vivant
Biocapteur multi-échelles pour l'immunologie


La santé d’un individu dépend dans de nombreux cas du déroulement de sa réponse immunitaire qui organise les défenses de l’organisme contre les infections, intervient dans les mécanismes de maladies inflammatoires et auto-immunes, l’élimination des cellules cancéreuses, les rejets de greffes…

Plus d’informations : PhD_CREAB_CEA grant